Shoal Point – AGM Voting Results

June 25, 2015

Pursuant to Section 11.3 of National Instrument 51-102, the following matters were put to vote at the Annual General Special Meeting of Shoal Point Energy Ltd. (the “Issuer”) held on June 25, 2015:

The report on the voting results is as follows:

1. Number of Directors

To consider, and if thought advisable, to approve a special resolution empowering the Board of Directors to determine from time to time the number of directors within the minimum and maximum numbers provided for in the articles of the Company:

By vote of proxy (For: 137,687,806 Shares, Against: 6,869,799 Shares), the number of directors was set at three.

2. Election of Directors

By vote of proxy and in person, the following persons were elected as directors of the Issuer until their term of office expires:

For Withheld

Mark Jarvis 123,647,340 518,670

Eric Schneider 123,748,340 417,670

Brian Usher-Jones 123,748,340 417,670

3. Appointment and Remuneration of Auditor

By vote of proxy (For: 137,714,824 Shares, Withheld: 6,842,781 Shares), Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP was appointed as auditor of the Issuer for the ensuing year and the directors are authorized to set the remuneration.

About Shoal Point Energy

Shoal Point Energy is a public company listed on the CSE under the symbol “SHP”. The core asset of the Company is oil and gas interests in the Humber Arm Shales play in Western Newfoundland.

For further information, contact Mark Jarvis at 416 637 2181, extension 310.